our story

Friends and business partners, Amy Briney and Rachel Freeman, bring a specialized level of expertise and passion to alacarte event services.  "Our goal is to turn each client's unique ideas into a reality. We listen, strategize and then execute each of our client's events as if they were our own." Amy and Rachel pride themselves in their ability to work within any budget to create special, memorable events for their clients.  Their fresh perspective and creativity coupled with their attention to detail ensure that their clients can enjoy their celebrations stress free. 


What makes alacarte different from other event planning companies is the customized, a la carte manner in which Amy and Rachel provide their exceptional services. "Clients decide how they would like to utilize us by selecting from our menu of services, areas where they need assistance but forego those tasks that they elect to handle on their own. This flexibility ensures that our clients only pay for what they want and/or need."


Amy and Rachel have developed an extensive network of close connections in the hospitality, marketing, entertainment and culinary world. These relationships provide a true added value as they assist in ensuring that their clients receive the best service across all aspects of their events.


Alacarte looks forward to assisting you with your event planning. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of service to you.